Sex with yo ex


Okay so for better or worse the whole Lonely Kids Club thing kind of came about because I got completely shattered / heartbroken when I was 20 by a girl called Anna (her actual name but fuck her) in the most cruel way possible which left me pretty emotionally scarred until I was about 23. It did set the platform for which the Lonely Kids Club personal joke and later clothing label started though. Anyway, a year or so later I was drinking at Manning Bar at Sydney Uni (How mad detailed am I getting in this one – I don’t even know why) and this dude from my grade who never talked to me because he was cool and I was one of the kids who used to hunch over playing Magic The Gathering at lunchtime came over and said hey. I rolled with it. Anyway it was all good but then he brought up that he also dated Anna for awhile before I did. Fair enough. Then out of fucking nowhere he started talking in detail about what having sex with her was like. And I mean straight up full details. Positions, what she excelled at, what she didn’t. What she liked. It was crazy. Even what he used to finish doing each time. Truthfully I finished the exact same way and actually agreed with what he was saying, but it was still fucking creepy. Although as a validating bonus, he couldn’t compete with the time her and I did it in her car and it got a little steamy so I wrote into the back window afterwards “I BANGED ANNA HERE LAST NIGHT – WARWICK” and the car happened to be used to pick her relatives up from the airport the next morning and it all came through (it was a cold day) so she had all those awkward vibes to deal with. Haha. Good times.


– Lonely Kids Club


Drawing by Angie:

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