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I’m sick


I hate going to the doctor. Literally everything about the place freaks me out. You sit in this awkward waiting room surrounded by other sick people, and unintentionally play that creepy game where you try avoid looking directly at each other (which makes the whole process even more tempting), but instead resort to either reading a gossip magazine from 2009 (that’s like 5 years ago br0) or trying to watch a muted TV showing a daytime chat show where someone is talking about the benefits of taking multiple shits a day or whatever. Also for the record gossip magazines are the worst. I think when you have friends you gossip about the shit they’re getting up to or whatever, but when you grow older and lose the friends, or have no friends to begin with, you resort to celebrity gossip, where you can read all about the things happening to people you don’t have any connection to, aside from knowing what they do for a living. Kim Kardashian, for example, does Kanye for a living. Wow I got so distracted. Anyway I also hate hospitals. They’re like Bunnings – you go in there for one thing and end up leaving with something else. I dunno. My dad thought that joke was funny. Anyway turns out I have tonsillitis so hopefully I don’t make everyone sick from sending their gear out. I swear that whole plotline was in a simpsons episode once. Oh also hey I’m dropping some new gear soon hopefully. I should really make a bigger deal out of that.

NOTE: yeah sorry about this post its hard to do things when youre sick.
– Lonely Kids Club


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