Ending the year with a Bang (Nearly)


So I have a pretty hectic story I never told you guys from my travels to South East Asia earlier in the year. I got so fucked up on a night out with some British dudes I met at my hostel in Bangkok, I ended up blacking out in a dodgy hotel room while a girl was making some vague attempt at going down on me (probably not the rousing response she was hoping for at the time) who proceeded to then put me in a Taxi afterwards to get back to my hostel. I’m semi-confident that’s not even the worst response I’ve ever given in such a situation. If braces are involved that can end badly. Anyway I got back at 6AM and the British dudes were still up, because while I was gone they scored some weed but got busted smoking a joint by one of the guys who worked at the hostel and had to flush it all down the toilet before the cops came and then proceeded to point the finger at other people until the police eventually went away. It didn’t even end there. Two weeks later while in Laos a girl came up to me on a bus and said she met me in Bangkok and that I was this crazy dude dancing on tables. I had no fucking idea who she was. Most of the night is still a blur. While in Bangkok I guess.

Also I just realised my dad is going to read this, and he’s actually on a holiday right now. Hope your one isn’t quite so hectic, dad. Also don’t worry, I paid for the taxi afterwards like a champ. Your values are clearly inherent within me.

Double Also, this is the last blog post for the year. I’m heading to Falls later this week but as soon as I get back I’m dropping some hectic new gear including the new Summer Packs. They’re gonna be good this next year too.

Look how effortlessly I transition from talking about my (almost) sex-life to business talk. I’m so goddamn professional.


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