Summer Sundays is coming back and the launch party is gonna go off


Man we were playing charades the other day, and the word was “sex” which someone was acting out for our friend and she was thrusting and getting really into it and my friend just had no idea so eventually nick was like “It’s something you haven’t gotten in ages” and our friend said “sex” straight away almost instinctively. I don’t know why that was on my mind, but speaking of things people haven’t gotten in awhile, I know all the shorts are completely unavailable / sold out and everyone needs their fix, so I’m bringing back Summer Sundays again this Sunday featuring shorts, it’ll be every Sunday night at 8PM and each pair of shorts will only be available for 24 hours as either regular shorts, high waisted shorts or a skirt. It’s gonna be killer. Limited amounts available of each one. Also my launch party is this Friday night at OAF Gallery Bar at 8PM. It’s free entry, has a mammoth line-up of electronic artists / producers, and Max and I are gonna set up a pop-up store again in the glass cube to sell tees & shirts. Probably just the pre-made stuff though, everything else is custom made on order for whoever orders the item specifically. Anyway yeah it’s going to be a great night so you should all come. I don’t actually make any money from the events, all the money goes straight back to artists. I just do them to give smaller artists a chance to play to a crowded room which can be hard for them because the scene is run by bigger agencies a lot of the time who have a monopoly on pulling supports for bigger acts, etc. So come be a part of the crowd and check it all out. HOPEFULLY I can actually go on in the next Winter Launch next year and play too cos I’ve been jamming every monday with a couple friends under the name Tiger Raves. Wassup.


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I just wrote this up on the spot again but I’ll see if I can get Angie to do up a drawing sooooon. In the meantime longtime label fan Laura was in hospital so asked for a T-Rex drawing to cheer her up so I drew this up for her. It’s super munted but get well soon Laura ^_^



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Awesome T-shirt’s

My tshirt arrived quickly and is so soft and comfy and the perfect size.

Friendlyjordies #scomoforprison Tee

Hard to hate it here in this shirt

Hard to hate it anywhere in this shirt

Super comfy

10/10 for being able to confirm mood whilst wearing a mask
11/10 for comfort