Bathroom Poetry


Last Saturday night I ended up at a bar after kicking on from a gig and my friend messaged saying she’s fucked up at a warehouse party and feels like the female me. I then went through my phone notes, remembering that at the last one I went to, I ended up locking myself in the bathroom for an hour and writing poetry about the situation. I named the main poem “Midnight” apparently. I think I’m also a female version of me. It was a pretty funny night, one of our friends was sober and seemed to think the rest of us were, and at one point told me I’m just standing by myself dancing and look very strange, and I was like “IT’S FINE THIS IS WHERE I WANT TO BE IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW” and went back to dancing and he was like oh okay. Then we went outside onto the street with a group of new friends we made to go back to their place and he pointed at one of the girls who had a glass of wine on her and said “illegal” and everyone looked so confused. It was like the highlight of my night. We hadn’t even met her yet. Nothing says “Let us in to your house” like pointing out illegalities at 2AM. Illegalities at 2AM would be a great band name.
Also sorry to everyone hitting me up about the animal alphabet shorts, they’re totally sold out and unfortunately I will not be able to produce any more. Double also, everything is being mailed out today and tomorrow – I’ll need to email a couple people about fabric shortages, but at this point it looks like I’ll be getting more cat fabric elsewhere at a much higher cost and just sucking it up so I can get more of it out sooner, cos u guyz r ma world <3 . But I’ll let you know if you’re in that boat.


– Lonely Kids Club


Drawing by Angie:


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Loved it!

Only thing I would change is the size of the printed face (Ideally larger) but beyond that, fast service, great brand and great gift for furparents :)

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