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Coming on strong


Sometimes if I’m out and drunk I’ll just fuck with people to see what I can get away with. Generally if they’re any fun it’ll turn into comical banter. But apparently not always. So I saw a girl I’ve met before / know via a friend the other night and said hello and asked if she remembered me, and she said no. Fair enough. So I did the obvious thing to do in that situation and apologised about my shattered emotions that were clearly spilled all over the floor as a result and explained that I might need to be right back while I help the staff clean it all up. She just stared blankly so I thought fuck it and amped it up again by telling her how I have a shrine to her in my room where I’m slowly creating a statue of her out of her left over chewing gum. Evidently she never watched Hey Arnold growing up because she just continued staring with the same blank expression on her face and it went on that vein for a while. Unfortunately for her Nick was with me so he chimed in saying I should grab a strand of her hair for my latest voodoo doll so we finished the conversation by me aplogising for that leg pain she would probably be feeling soon. I told her I was just going through some things. She didn’t show much understanding. Funnily enough we weren’t even invited to this event. Sometimes I need to remind myself that Tinder and real life are different things.

Speaking of which, there ended up being quite a few Tinder screenshots from the last blog post, but before I post any ordinary ones, my friend Corwen took it upon herself to send the line, including the “warwick” at the end  to quite a few guys, with some pretty hilarious results, here are some of the best:


She could have most likely sent ANYTHING to this dude and gotten this response. Still, I'm taking this as a victory

Totally sexist that he assumed she was only trying to meet men, but it's nice that he complimented the line.

He jut had to know the answer

Also here’s one of the cases where it ACTUALLY worked just so you know I’m not making it up:


He totally got that potassium thing from Ron Swanson.

Urgh I totally fucked up the sizing on those photos but it’s okay because this is all going offline tomorrow to set up the new site. True story.

– Lonely Kids Club

More Tinder Fun


My friend went to meet up with a dude she met on Tinder the other day at a bar, and he was there with another girl. She just assumed that was an old friend to ease tension etc. So they were all talking and chilling and the dude went to the bathroom and she asked how the other girl knew this guy. She said she just met on Tinder and it was their first date. So my friend was like holy shit this is my first date with this guy from Tinder too & they both got up and left while he was in the bathroom. Snap. If I was still on Tinder I would start all my conversations by saying “What are big hairy polar bears good for? Breaking the ice. Hi I’m Warwick.” Or, if we’re upping the ante on the intelligence front, “What are the long term consequences of global warming? Breaking the ice. Hi I’m Warwick.” If someone can please try these, screenshot them and send them to me, I’ll throw them on the blog next week. Do it. But don’t say you’re Warwick at the end unless it’s your name. That could be weird.

Now without further adieu I present to you the first piece from the next range; A 100% handmade custom varsity jacket. It’s red and white and matched with light grey ribbing for the collars and sleeves. Perfect for dressing up on summer nights out. The material is all 100% wool felt and each one is made on order & made to last. Also it looks fucking sexy. Pineapple not included.



– Lonely Kids Club