Soft Days, Long Nights and Tinder


So the other day I convinced my friend to go on a Tinder date. And bring me. It was crazy fun. He was facebook friends with the girl (The transition to get to know someone from Tinder) and said she had already asked him twice. So we decided I would come along and she could bring a friend and we could just have fun with it. It went different to how we expected. This girl had some sort of problem with her phone. The sheer awkwardness of her inability to  go 6 seconds without compulsively checking her phone was crazy. However, it became apparent 10 minutes in that she somehow didn’t know her own phone number and had to prank my friend to see it. She said she’d been using the number since the start of the year though. It was weird.

I think she was literally just on Tinder for the whole date between various bars in Kings Cross (her idea). It’s a weird logic to be on Tinder to meet new people for Tinder dates while already on a Tinder date. Mindblown. Anyway she couldn’t hold a conversation as a result. Or maybe that was just her lack of social skills I don’t know. Sometimes she just shrugged repeatedly for a several seconds and that would her answer to a question. Then she would go back to texting. I kept thinking she just really wanted to leave but then she would talk about where we are going to kick onto next. She was like a Twilight Book – completely unreadable.

At one point she showed us her phone and it had this Facebook Message on the notifications screen from someone called Max saying “Ohh youre a banker. Wouldn’t have guessed that. Sexy”. I think that was the highlight of my night. That, or when her friend then came, and screamed “FUCK OFF YOU FUCKING CUNT” at a taxi on the street infront of everyone when we left the first bar. Apparently he took too long to stop. I decided it was best I bail straight after that to meet up with friends. She was a bit of a wildcard. According to my friend after I left she decided that she was friends with everyone and kept approaching people non-stop. Apparently she legit went into a random restaurant, then walked all the way to the back of the kitchen to talk to a confused looking kitchen hand, before returning and explaining to my friend that she didn’t know him afterall. Tinder is risky business.

– Lonely Kids Club

Picture by Angie (Special MS Paint addition):


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