Train Weirdness


I was on a train today drawing and this guy asked if he could borrow my sharpie and a piece of paper so I said sure why not so he took the pen, wrote something down then gave me the pen back and showed me the paper. It said on it “YOU WANT A CHEAP IPAD OR IPHONE?” and he was staring at me nodding, which is always creepy regardless of the situation. I said no thanks, so he got up and started showing everyone else on the train. Literally just showing this paper to every person sitting down. I was like why is this even happening. Who does that? Like someone is going to be like “fuck yes random dude with paper on train, I need a cheap Iphone ASAP.” I wonder if cops bust those people. Two policemen came up to my wine (but actually) I had resting on the sidewalk the other night and poured them out then one tried to aggressively suss out if it was mine for the satisfaction of it. He was so patronising too. To be fair the guy was about 5 foot 3 so picking on taller dudes was probably all the satisfaction he was getting (or giving) anytime soon. So I played completely dumb to the situation until he fucked off. But thank god for cops around to make sure no wine bottles go half-full around the Sydney streets. There was probably a fight breaking out down the road but I’m guessing they got distracted giving a giant fine to a dude smoking weed by himself in an alley not causing harm to anyone. Priorities, m8.


– Lonely Kids Club


Picture by Angie:

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