My mother is a crazy and she drove a Pajero


So my mother was a bit of a crazy person. One time we dined at a shitty pizza place for dinner and afterwards we were driving by a centrelink office and two overweight people were walking up to the door so she pulled down her window and inexplicably yelled “YEAH YEAH GO LINE UP FOR YOUR WEEKLY PAY CHEQUE YOU FAT DOLE BLUDGERS.” She was fully banging on the car under the windows and everything. I don’t even know why. It just sort of came out of nowhere. I had a lot of awkward experiences in that car. Another time when I was like 6 I was watching a kid skate by and he then just flipped me off and I was like oh ouch. I hated skaters for years afterwards. It was a legit thing. I’ve since come to like them though. They’re super chill. We can all be chill together. Max just went into my bathroom for ages and I heard a banging noise. I’m like 90% sure he’s doing bad things in there. Just wanted you all to know.


– Lonely Kids Club

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