Mufti Days


I used to have an incredibly tumultuous relationship with mufti days back in school. I made the mistake of wearing my sports clothes to school one day in year four and forgetting it was a mufti day. For some reason this led to onslaught of pure brutality that is unrivalled with anything else. While the logical response to this should have just been “Oh I see you forgot about the mufti day” the actual response from peers ended up being more like “OMG WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU? ARE YOU, LIKE, RETARDED? KATE WANTED TO KISS YOU BUT NOT NOW YOU SCHOOL-CLOTHES WEARING DOUCHEBAG.” I was briefly ostracised from the entire school. Even my friends didn’t want anything to do with me. Are we not judged by what is under our clothes? Do we not bleed if cut. Or whatever. I don’t know. It fucking haunted me. It then happened again in high school when I accidentally wore my formal air cadets uniform to school. Urgh it was the worst. I then copped all this shit on the bus home too. Also it’s not related but one time in high school I heard this dude behind me say I had a big head, and I legit got so worked up about it that I got a haircut the same afternoon and stopped the jewfro from growing out as long again for years. Kids can be so cruel.  

NOTE: Thanks for all the nominations for the blogger awards, but unfortunately they cut it from the finals once again. One day I’ll be #fashun enough for Pedestrian.TV. One day.


– Lonely Kids Club

Here’s a drawing I did earlier which relates, because I wrote this on the spot again. Angie will be back next week though.


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