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I found a short story I wrote last year about getting fucked up & lost in a warehouse party and letting go of a lot of things that were holding me back and I really want to share it but I can’t because my dad still reads the blog (Fak off m8) and it’s a little innapropes but I think I might go back to writing short stories. I eventually want to write a book of short stories about every break-up I’ve ever had and get someone to illustrate each one and then sell it as a little book. Maybe even a coffee table book. I like coffee tables. Initially I wanted to make a coffee table book about coffee tables but I have a feeling it’s been done already. No one can steal this new idea though, because I wrote it down on a piece of paper and mailed it to myself, and that’s totally how copyright law works. My law student friend explained it to me in-between describing bad law review jokes and being condescending about my communications degree. Oh yeah. I went there.

NOTE: I kid, all my law friends are lovely, and speaking of lovely apparently some of you nominated me for a Pedestrian.TV blogger award thingy. They emailed me the other day. Thanks so much dudes! I just filled out the profile thang.


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Pickle Tee
Absolutely Done Dillin' With it!

I love this shirt!! I saw it months ago and my name being Dill, it's a perfect fit!! Thanks heaps Warwick & LKC :)

Comfy jumper

The print is fun and it is really comfortable and cozy for the cold months.

Loved it!

Only thing I would change is the size of the printed face (Ideally larger) but beyond that, fast service, great brand and great gift for furparents :)

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James Anderson

Slush Pig Tee

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