Tinder Surprise


Shiiiieeeet sorry guys I just got home and it’s 8:30 so I better get to writing and stuff. My friend Caitlin downloaded Tinder on to my phone and at first I thought it was weird but then I realized it’s just a glorified “hot or not”, which is fun when bored on a train so I’m pretty hooked. Also I’ve found like 4 of you on there now. If you see me “YES” that shit so we can swap creepy messages we’ve received. I’ll post my top one at the end of the blog post since Angie wont have time to do a drawing. Sorry Angie. I also started talking to a girl and my friend Josh said you have to talk for ages to meet someone in person, so after 15 minutes I said “coffee?” and she said “when?” Ha. I met her and she ended every sentence on a higher note. I think there’s a specific word for it. My one is just, “annoying”. Anyway the ponchos tee launch time / design is going to be announced on the Facebook page TOMORROW NIGHT so tune in. Limited supplies to start with so if you want one from the first batch get yr click on. Actually I don’t know if that’s even a thing. Is it?


Aforementioned awkward Tinder message:


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