Abridged Saturday Night


Fuck I wrote a whole story about my last Saturday night, but it came out like an essay, so I’m going to try make is super short instead. Basically I just got really drunk, spent ages chasing after a girl, finally got with her, and made her promise to go on a date with me on Tuesday night. Anyway afterwards I realized I completely lost all my friends, spent like 20 minutes looking for them & texting, but had no luck. Ended up chatting to some girl about getting over her ex for an hour or so, then walked all the way back to the main train station. Got a bus, got too into a conversation with some Italian dudes, missed my stop, had to do a giant walk home AGAIN, but blasted music from iphone and sang along using it like an microphone. That was pretty good. The girl never texted me back, but I helped a girl through some pretty intense relationship issues & re-ignited my love of Sydney electronic act POMOMOFO so wasn’t all bad. Urgh. That really didn’t need 3 paragraphs.


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