Lyf Drawing


Good news everyone! The winter packs (Yes, there will be more than one this year.) are going to be dropping this week & thanks to two hours in a room with naked people I now have a crazy amount of drawings to send to everyone with their orders. Life drawing is weird. It’s just a huge room with two naked people posing and lots of drawing. I definitely like the drawing element but I couldn’t help but make all the drawings weird and abstract. I think my mind is just like that. I belted out about 20 drawings but I chose a couple of my favourites based on what my friends liked. Also not related but I’ve been listening to so much Snob Scrilla lately – does anyone know what happened to that dude?


Anyway here are the drawings:

I drew a lot of chairs. The chair was actually pretty normal.


Cubism, bro.




This probably sums up how things look in my head better than I ever could.


Also my friend Louisa drew me during the class and is super talented.

– Lonely Kids Club

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