Man I’ve been struggling to get to sleep before 4AM the past week or so. I wake up at 8AM everyday in SUCH depression about the idea of waking up and going to the gym (As I plan the night before every day to try avoid this) that every muscle in my body forces me to stay asleep. I then sleep in til 10 and it turns into a battle between how comfortable I am and how much I need to pee. I usually give in around 11:30. I was able to watch through all of Game Of Thrones in like 2 weeks as a result. That show is weird. It’s a mix of storylines you want to get into, and mythical porn scenes clearly just put in there for the sake of horny geeky boys. And I set aside my mythical porn role-playing set years ago. Anyway as I was saying, sleep deprivation is fucked. I also have the most intense dreams all the time, about not speaking the same language as everyone else, or being lost or running or being in school again and having no idea where my classes are. I think I’m going to leave a pen and paper next to my bed and start drawing the anxious emotions before I properly wake up and see how they turn out every day. I’ll show you them on the next blog post. Shiiet it’s like 8:10 already I better post this up. Luckily Angie already did the drawing because I texted her an hour ago before procrastinating and watching Masterchef.


– Lonely Kids Club.

Picture by Angie:

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I love this shirt!! I saw it months ago and my name being Dill, it's a perfect fit!! Thanks heaps Warwick & LKC :)

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The print is fun and it is really comfortable and cozy for the cold months.

Loved it!

Only thing I would change is the size of the printed face (Ideally larger) but beyond that, fast service, great brand and great gift for furparents :)

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