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So I’ve let my hair get pretty out of control again. I was planning on cutting it a few weeks ago but then just got kinda lazy about it and let it grow. I’ve worked out that I have a Kramer on the front and Jerry Seinfeld on the back. It’s like a Jewish mullet. Or a Jullet. However, Jullet would also be a suitable name for that dude in your group of friends who knocks back beers faster than anyone. Or Juzza, if we’re going to get all bogan about it.  And that’s always a good idea. Anyway today was weird. I had to get up at the time normal people get up for work to go get boxes and stuff because I have to pack so many winter packs. You guys are turning this into an actual business or something. OMG. Next thing I know I’m going to have to write business plans and go to meetings. Or I’ll just change the cover image on the home page to a stock photo of an interracial handshake with the word “SYNERGY” under it & start talking about elevators only going up in all the blog posts. Look out for it.


– Lonely Kids Club


Picture by Angie:

Lyf Drawing


Good news everyone! The winter packs (Yes, there will be more than one this year.) are going to be dropping this week & thanks to two hours in a room with naked people I now have a crazy amount of drawings to send to everyone with their orders. Life drawing is weird. It’s just a huge room with two naked people posing and lots of drawing. I definitely like the drawing element but I couldn’t help but make all the drawings weird and abstract. I think my mind is just like that. I belted out about 20 drawings but I chose a couple of my favourites based on what my friends liked. Also not related but I’ve been listening to so much Snob Scrilla lately – does anyone know what happened to that dude?


Anyway here are the drawings:

I drew a lot of chairs. The chair was actually pretty normal.


Cubism, bro.




This probably sums up how things look in my head better than I ever could.


Also my friend Louisa drew me during the class and is super talented.

– Lonely Kids Club



Man I’ve been struggling to get to sleep before 4AM the past week or so. I wake up at 8AM everyday in SUCH depression about the idea of waking up and going to the gym (As I plan the night before every day to try avoid this) that every muscle in my body forces me to stay asleep. I then sleep in til 10 and it turns into a battle between how comfortable I am and how much I need to pee. I usually give in around 11:30. I was able to watch through all of Game Of Thrones in like 2 weeks as a result. That show is weird. It’s a mix of storylines you want to get into, and mythical porn scenes clearly just put in there for the sake of horny geeky boys. And I set aside my mythical porn role-playing set years ago. Anyway as I was saying, sleep deprivation is fucked. I also have the most intense dreams all the time, about not speaking the same language as everyone else, or being lost or running or being in school again and having no idea where my classes are. I think I’m going to leave a pen and paper next to my bed and start drawing the anxious emotions before I properly wake up and see how they turn out every day. I’ll show you them on the next blog post. Shiiet it’s like 8:10 already I better post this up. Luckily Angie already did the drawing because I texted her an hour ago before procrastinating and watching Masterchef.


– Lonely Kids Club.

Picture by Angie:

Mountain Stroll


So I kind of missed my final night in Laos due somewhat to just my own stupidity. Two days earlier I was choosing a tour for my final day in the city of Luang Prabang and I figured I wouldn’t mind riding an elephant and spending the day with them so I found the tour I wanted, matched prices, and was good to lock it in – but thought I’d research first. Turns out most of them actually mistreat and abuse the elephants so I decided I wasn’t going to have any of that and boycotted all of them. I ended up at an eco-friendly agency which offered hikes to see remote villages, and gives a lot of the money back to these villages (They’re crazy-poor) so they said it’s not too difficult or anything and probably just a stroll for me so I locked it in. That night I went out and had a huge one (But this is a public blog so we’ll just skip over that part) and long story short ended up back home at 5:30AM and then got up 2 hours later for the hike. What a nightmare that turned out to be.

We begin the hike, and I’m still drunk (among other things) and feeling the effects of the night before but I figure a stroll is a stroll. Four hours later it became evident this wasn’t just a fucking “stroll.” It was an eight-hour intense mountain hike. Climbing up and down through forest and I was absolutely drenched in sweat. To make matters worse, our tour guide didn’t seem to give a shit and just ran off to make phone calls or walk with the only other guy on the tour, who was a soldier from Denmark. So multiple times there I was in neck high plants and shrubbery with no real path in sight, in a country known for having millions of unexploded land-mines, with no idea where the fuck the useless tour guide or army dude were. All I could think to myself was I could just be riding a goddamn elephant right now. That, and I hope I don’t suddenly explode.

Anyway to make matters worse, it started pouring down with rain and the now established path turned into a complete mudslide. I went the whole trip without falling down, but I managed to fall about 16 times. At one point I was literally face down on the ground trying to crawl up this path without managing to even get a grip before sliding back down. There I was laying there exhausted, tired, and covered in sweat, rain, and abrasions. It was that exact moment that several locals casually walked on by me in flip-flops up the mountain. They legit just didn’t give a fuck. I couldn’t believe it. So there went my self-esteem too. Eventually we made it to the village and I had 2-minute noodles and no one understood what I was saying, so it was more or less just like being back in Sydney. I still enjoyed it though. Eventually we made it back to the boat, and even the soldier dude admitted that was the most intense experience of his life. I got back home, passed out, missed going out with all the friends I made in the city, and woke up at 5AM the next day to begin my first flight home. Luckily I pre-emptively set the alarm on my phone.

This sort of just turned into a massive whine, so to make up for it here are a couple photos from the day so you know this is all legit.


Admittedly, the kids at the villages were so cute and lovely.

On the left is the soldier and on the right is the tour guide. This is at the start when there was still a usable path.


The villagers themselves lived in these little huts they built without any electricity. Also there were lots of ducks. I like ducks.


– Lonely Kids Club


And lastly the picture by Angie:

Adventures in Vietnam


So I had a pretty interesting experience while I was serving in ‘Nam (and by serving, I mean vacationing). I was at the airport in Ho Chi Minh City with some people from my tour of Cambodia (I did a tour through the country but travelled by myself for the rest of the trip) and I noticed there was a platform “9” and a platform “10”, and conveniently there was a pole between both of them. Truthfully, I don’t know how big the Vietnamese community is on J.K Rowling, but I was game to find out. So I got one of those baggage trolleys they have at airports, lined up my route, and charged as hard as I could into the pole with a pretty extensive run-up. As it turns out, if you charge into a pole with a trolley at an airport people will stare at you with a pretty bewildered expression. Furthermore, yelling “Don’t worry bro’s, I’m just trying to get to Hogwarts” wont help rectify the situation. Lesson learned. To be fair, if they didn’t want people charging into poles at their airport they shouldn’t have had a platform 9 & 10. That was greatly misleading. Yeah. I’m such a dork sometimes.


– Lonely Kids Club


Picture by Angie: