I was at a bar on Saturday night sitting outside with friends and I don’t really smoke much but I grabbed a cigarette off a friend (Or if a relative/conservative friend is reading then by cigarette I actually mean non-alcoholic beverage) and then turned around and out of nowhere this stunning girl was sitting next to me asking for one too. I explained I don’t actually smoke so we shared it and made general banter (Ha ha – Banter). Anyway after we finished she stuck around but the whole idea of a pretty girl being potentially interested in me was a little overwhelming so I turned into “mega-awkward” mode which peaked when I asked for her number by placing my phone in front of her with the dial pad screen open. Jesus Christ. She actually agreed to get coffee soon but didn’t reply to my text I sent yesterday afternoon. Haha shit. I’m the only person that could turn the occupation answer of “I run a clothing label and manage bands for a living” into a bad thing. I think I need to get a new move; “self-deprecation” is officially getting worn out.


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