I realised recently I watch so many TV shows (On my computer cos Foxtel is $$) that I now naturally imitate some of the characters from them without even noticing until now. For one thing, in an awkward or comical situation I do that thing Jim from The Office does where I give this little smug smile and look into the camera. Only there isn’t a camera in real life. So I just sort of smile and start looking blankly at no one. It’s weird. Another thing I do is that smile Aziz Ansari does in Parks and Recreation where I make my eyes goes really big and I smile very widely and just sorta move my head around for several seconds. I end up looking like a meerkat though. It’s no good. Also if I spend too much time with people I steal all their lines and start using them excessively on my own. I’ve all but adapted all the lines my friend Chris says, and now I always say “Wassup” and “My man”. I never used either of those phrases previously though. This probably explains my evident lack of social skills.

In other news, I’m doing a Q&A with Mx Newspaper and I answered a few questions about my brand. Here are a couple answers I came up with for the last two questions. I legit don’t know if they would publish or not.

– Lonely Kids Club

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