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Big Sneak Peek


I keep writing the start of blog posts that I think are funny but then get sick of them halfway through so I’m just going to settle on a mediocre blog post and make up for it by showing you one of the photos from the latest photoshoot. I think that sorta makes up for it. Anyway new range drops on Friday night at le event I keep ranting on about, and will be online on Saturday morning cos I can’t REALLY do both on the same night. That would be intense. The event is supposed to start at 8 but I’m gonna be there with Nick earlier hanging out and setting up the pop-up store so feel free to head in earlier. Cherax Destructor does the best cover of No Scrubs by TLC which in my opinion is one of the best songs ever so I recommend coming early to check that out anyway. For all you non-sydney kids don’t fret, you’ll still be seeing all the new items very soon and I MIGHT even be heading to Melbourne next week for a few days if I can afford it. Maybe I can come give some of you Melbourne kids free stickers and shit. What up.


How sick is the crazy colour jumper? 1970's polar fleece and limited to 3 per size. Aw shit.


Also I decided today that my children are going to have black women names regardless of their gender like Sha Nay Nay or Mercedes. It’s pretty much locked in. Just so you all know.


– Lonely Kids Club

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