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Cafe Rejection


I have a 15 year old brother. When we were growing up I would tell him stories about girls and he would listen on impressed, but nowadays he’ll be the one telling me all the stories about girls and I’ll be the one impressed. The change happened around the time he told me he wanted to be the “Nick” of his school. He was known as the “manwhore” of his year weeks later. So anyway he got back from America yesterday. I picked him up from the Airport and took him to a café we both like then we sat in the park opposite. We were hanging out etc then he told me that a girl that was sitting at another café near the park had been checking me out the whole time.


I figured I should try look cool in front of him or whatever, so I told him to meet me round the back of the café, and walked over to this girl with a business card in hand. Anyway I got to her table, and said hello. I explained that my little brother was under the impression she had been checking me out. She immediately gave this expression that said “What the FUCK are you talking about” better than words ever could. Her sheer confusion was enough to completely crush any hope I had about the situation (Which was minimal at best) so I wrapped it up it by giving her my business card and telling her she should call me if that was the case, and if not that I hope she has a lovely breakfast anyway.


In hindsight that probably wasn’t the smoothest line to end that whole escapade on. I then went round the back of the café and explained the situation to my little brother who was stoked that I had the balls to do it in the first place. His enthusiasm about it made the whole thing worth it anyway. She’s yet to call. I guess I’ll never find out if her breakfast was lovely or not after all.


– Lonely Kids Club


Drawing by Angie:

Big Sneak Peek


I keep writing the start of blog posts that I think are funny but then get sick of them halfway through so I’m just going to settle on a mediocre blog post and make up for it by showing you one of the photos from the latest photoshoot. I think that sorta makes up for it. Anyway new range drops on Friday night at le event I keep ranting on about, and will be online on Saturday morning cos I can’t REALLY do both on the same night. That would be intense. The event is supposed to start at 8 but I’m gonna be there with Nick earlier hanging out and setting up the pop-up store so feel free to head in earlier. Cherax Destructor does the best cover of No Scrubs by TLC which in my opinion is one of the best songs ever so I recommend coming early to check that out anyway. For all you non-sydney kids don’t fret, you’ll still be seeing all the new items very soon and I MIGHT even be heading to Melbourne next week for a few days if I can afford it. Maybe I can come give some of you Melbourne kids free stickers and shit. What up.


How sick is the crazy colour jumper? 1970's polar fleece and limited to 3 per size. Aw shit.


Also I decided today that my children are going to have black women names regardless of their gender like Sha Nay Nay or Mercedes. It’s pretty much locked in. Just so you all know.


– Lonely Kids Club

Touch Football


I went to a picnic a few weeks ago cos it was a long weekend or something. It was all good but then we decided to play sports so things swiftly went downhill. I’m not good at sport. Two people were picked to be team captains for a game of touch football then everyone lined up to be picked into teams. So these two captains began choosing people, and before long it was down to two people left to be picked: Myself, or my friend Max, who was still recovering from a recent hip replacement. They chose max. I decided I was good without the newly found high school nostalgia so walked off into the distance but my friends then insisted I come back and play. So we’re playing and things are off to a pretty good start, I’m on the wing and making some good ground. Then I have my moment. My friend passes me the ball and I quickly realize I’m within reach of the goal line (I’m positive that’s not what you call it) of the opposing team. I start sprinting towards it, and decide this could be the turning point in my newly found recreational sporting career. I suddenly feel my legs giving in, and remembered I’m actually pretty drunk. I don’t know how I forgot about that. I toppled over and completely stacked it onto the ground and grazed my kneed across the grass. It was the only time I tried to run the whole fucking game. I more or less validated everyone’s reasoning for not wanting to pick me for their team in about 5 seconds. My legs were so sore for days but I wrote it off as being sore from the gym. It just sounded better. I hate sports.


– Lonely Kids Club


Picture by Angie:


More Bespoke Fun


Sorry I missed the blog last week. As you guys should know by now I don’t do blog posts on public holidays as I can’t afford to pay myself time and a half. It’s a hard life. Anyway I figured I hadn’t done any bespoke order updates in awhile so I’ll do another one now with some of the stuff I’ve been working on. I’ll also give you a little sneak peak at one of the new jumpers. I tried showcasing it in a video I filmed in my room with photo booth but all the videos I made ended up being too cringe worthy for anyone to see. Also my jewfro is pretty out of control right now. Anyway without further adeu I present things I’ve been working on:


My first business shirt. 1996 Space Jam long sleeve button up. It went pretty crazy on my fb page and I've had another order already.


This one I made for myself. Short sleeve captain planet shirt. Enough fabric left over for a skirt or shorts if anyone's keen. I plan on wearing this EVERY DAY.


Someone requested high waisted cat shorts! They turned out so well! I'm tempted to make them part of the next summer range.


Custom made Archery Pocket jumpers for the band Archers. Snazzy.


This took like an hour to upload because it wouldn't send properly (cheers apple) but here's a preview of a new limited edition jumper. Dat colour.


This was the most stressful blog post ever. Now time to do an assignment due tomorrow. Fun times.

– Lonely Kids Club