Sex, failed friendships and the city.


Okay so when I was in high school I used to throw a lot of parties. The last one I put together was soon after school finished. This was back when you’d just send texts to each other and battle it out for top 8 spots on each other’s MySpace page. Anyway I had it at my dad’s house whilst he was on holiday (sorry Dad) & as things were winding down this one girl, I’ll call “Flirt” was living up to her (newly established) name and was all over me. This was weird because she had a long-term boyfriend who I was good friends with so I tried avoiding her advances. Eventually she was sitting on top of me and she had been pushing for it all night so I gave in and just got the hookup over with. She then decided to spend the night at mine after the party. In my bed. It was pretty awks. I didn’t want to be “that guy” who sleeps with my friend’s girlfriend (despite the countless stories I heard about her cheating on him) so while we were in there I made an excuse to sleep on the couch when she asked if I had a condom. Smooth segue. It was matched only by her exit line in the morning of, “thanks for last night. I guess?” Anyway a week or so later I saw her boyfriend out and he gave me the most aggressive handshake I had ever experienced (my friends thought it was the funniest thing to witness) and I was getting texts from people about the situation so clearly shit was being talked. I figured fuck it, if he wasn’t going to listen to my side of the story I wasn’t that fussed anyway. Legit my friendship with Flirt and her boyfriend both came crashing to a halt afterwards and I have not spoken to either of them since. Fucking party hookups.


– Lonely Kids Club

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