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So quite a few things to talk about this week. Firstly, someone who came into the shop commented I don’t blog about the things I used to. I went through my old blog posts and most of them are just stories about awkward dates etc. So as a brief update on that, my love life turned to shit a few days ago when we went over our monthly internet download limit. It’s been pretty slow since then. I know I should just download instead of streaming everything but I don’t want to have to commit to anything. I’m not even joking. That awkward paragraph was for you, girl with glasses who bought the Owl T-shirt.

Moving on I was video interviewed last week. I received the footage yesterday and showed it to my friend VVN who said she didn’t think I should show it because I am very awkward in the video. Max and Nick liked it though. As a brief disclaimer I get very camera shy / nervous so I sound very monotone and serious in the interview. Maybe keep that in mind if you choose to watch it (Which you can do by clicking here). It was made by the lovely team at Good Jelly who I’m also having a competition with currently (Check it out here). Lastly, I can’t tell you why yet, but everyone should keep April 26th free. Will update soon.


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