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Catch Up Drink


Had the weirdest night last Thursday. I was just going to grab a drink with nick at my local pub (straya) and we then got approached by a bridal party or something of women in their mid 30s who wanted to know what we were up to. I explained we met on RSVP after I sent him a kiss and it was our first date. Anyway one of the women eventually figured out it was bullshit but approved and stuck around with us when the rest eventually left. She was a sneaky one. She just kept making up stories to the various men lingering around us that I then rolled with and kept ensuring we got more free drinks. Eventually we were so drunk (this is hours later) and then some woman grabbed me asking if I was gay (Not even the first time this has happened to me) so I explained I’m not and she pushed her face up to mine asking how old I am. I asked her to answer first and she said 31. So I gave the logical response in that situation and said I was 32. Needless to say she wanted me to prove her wrong. Four or five hookups later she took my phone without asking and then added herself on Facebook from my account. And didn’t accept her own request the next day. Who the fuck does that? It’s like rejecting yourself. The pub closed at 4 and I ended up bumping into her with her friends at Seven Eleven after rejecting the idea of sneaking into a pizzeria with some creepy looking guys. Her friend had his T-shirt off and was starting shit with the guy who worked there. I always feel sorry for those dudes. People who instigate in those situations (Or take their T-shirts off because they’re drunk) are the worst people. Needless to say I was not very productive in class the next day.


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Sex, failed friendships and the city.


Okay so when I was in high school I used to throw a lot of parties. The last one I put together was soon after school finished. This was back when you’d just send texts to each other and battle it out for top 8 spots on each other’s MySpace page. Anyway I had it at my dad’s house whilst he was on holiday (sorry Dad) & as things were winding down this one girl, I’ll call “Flirt” was living up to her (newly established) name and was all over me. This was weird because she had a long-term boyfriend who I was good friends with so I tried avoiding her advances. Eventually she was sitting on top of me and she had been pushing for it all night so I gave in and just got the hookup over with. She then decided to spend the night at mine after the party. In my bed. It was pretty awks. I didn’t want to be “that guy” who sleeps with my friend’s girlfriend (despite the countless stories I heard about her cheating on him) so while we were in there I made an excuse to sleep on the couch when she asked if I had a condom. Smooth segue. It was matched only by her exit line in the morning of, “thanks for last night. I guess?” Anyway a week or so later I saw her boyfriend out and he gave me the most aggressive handshake I had ever experienced (my friends thought it was the funniest thing to witness) and I was getting texts from people about the situation so clearly shit was being talked. I figured fuck it, if he wasn’t going to listen to my side of the story I wasn’t that fussed anyway. Legit my friendship with Flirt and her boyfriend both came crashing to a halt afterwards and I have not spoken to either of them since. Fucking party hookups.


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Plumbin’ bro


This plumber evidently fucked up some work on my sister’s bathroom a few months ago and the room below it has some mold stuff happening with it. It’s pretty gross. I sent him a text (I hate awkward phone calls) and he didn’t reply then I called him up and he said he was busy and hung up. So I called him again from a blocked number then got super Australian on him. I don’t even know why. I was driving a ute so it felt natural. I was all “G’day, MATE. Need to get my FARKIN’ pipes cleaned, bro! Fuckin’ plumbin’ y’know!” he was already much more positive about it. He said he could come tomorrow so I said “MAAAATE. Pretty farkin’ busy if ya know what I mean (By which I meant I had uni). Let’s do Wed-fucking-NES-day.” The dude in the car next to me gave me a weird look. I was yelling though. Oh my god not really related but I get so many looks while driving cars because I always blast music and bop my head to the beat. I SWEAR one time this dude filmed me doing it on his mobile phone and I’m probably on youtube somewhere. Urgh. Anyway plumbing issue now sorted. Also my Instagram hit 150 followers. Thank you so much everyone. The New Cecil Pocket tee photo is up there currently.  On the topic of Instagram someone bought some Goosebumps one-of-a-kind stuff I made up and took some pics on Instagram which seem to be very pop-u-la. I’m currently doing pocket jumpers for Archers & some one-of-a-kind shirts for a DJ in Melbourne. Making stuff is fun. This was a long blog post. Farkin’ blogz MATE.


Lonely Kids Club Goosebumps & Garden Cats one-of-a-kind shirt. Photo by Chloe Nour & modelling by James Freeman


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Video Interview & Internet Connection


So quite a few things to talk about this week. Firstly, someone who came into the shop commented I don’t blog about the things I used to. I went through my old blog posts and most of them are just stories about awkward dates etc. So as a brief update on that, my love life turned to shit a few days ago when we went over our monthly internet download limit. It’s been pretty slow since then. I know I should just download instead of streaming everything but I don’t want to have to commit to anything. I’m not even joking. That awkward paragraph was for you, girl with glasses who bought the Owl T-shirt.

Moving on I was video interviewed last week. I received the footage yesterday and showed it to my friend VVN who said she didn’t think I should show it because I am very awkward in the video. Max and Nick liked it though. As a brief disclaimer I get very camera shy / nervous so I sound very monotone and serious in the interview. Maybe keep that in mind if you choose to watch it (Which you can do by clicking here). It was made by the lovely team at Good Jelly who I’m also having a competition with currently (Check it out here). Lastly, I can’t tell you why yet, but everyone should keep April 26th free. Will update soon.


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