Boutique Fun Times


So I’ve been running the boutique for a few days now and suffice to say it seems very different from my previous retail jobs / experiences. For one thing, I can use my laptop to go on Facebook and watch Seinfeld. When it was raining it became apparent someone was in the store to avoid the rain so rather than kicking her out I brought my laptop down and we watched Seinfeld together. It was a nice moment. By the way sorry I never posted the new products up, I promised someone who bought a pair of shorts that I wouldn’t put them on the website for a few days so he can feel special and I try keep my word. I’ll put them up tomorrow night though. Anyway I put the new one-of-a-kind shirts in the store yesterday and within an hour the first one sold. Some dude just walked in, picked up a shirt, and gave me a $100 bill without saying anything (Pictured below). It was crazy. There are another 7 or 8 in store still. One of them is legit just a shirt of cats in hats. It’s kinda amazing. My professionalism is also at top notch as per usual. 3PM hit yesterday and it was a quiet day so I just got really drunk. So in hindsight I guess it’s exactly like my old retail jobs / experiences after all.



– Lonely Kids Club

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