The Boyfriend Drop


So I was at a house party for Australia Day. I wasn’t really in the mingling mood so mostly stuck around people I already knew (I’m super exciting like that) but I ended up in a conversation with an old family friend and one of her friends, Jess or Bec or something with one syllable. Anyway my family friend walked off and I was left with One Syllable. I was just making general conversation then before I knew it she started talking on about her Boyfriend. I don’t mind that sort of thing (I’m used to boring conversations) but I hate when girls just automatically assume any guy talking to them is strictly interested in dating them and feel the need to purposely slip it in so quickly. It’s so presumptuous. I always want to reply back saying “Really? That’s so interesting because MY boyfriend is the same way!” just to see their response. Actually, I’ll do that next time. And it’ll be a much better blog post than this one. Sorry.


– Lonely Kids Club


Drawing by Angie:

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