So someone tried to mug me the other day. I was in Surry Hills and was lost trying to find my way somewhere (trust) so I took out my iPhone and used Google Maps (I probably would have gotten more lost with Apple Maps) and this guy asked me if he could use my phone quickly. To be frank he was wearing Nautica and looked fucking dodgy so I said sorry and that I was in a rush and walked away. I could totally sense him following me though and he kept eerily saying “Oi give us your phone”. So he gets closer and closer and eventually shoves me quite hard asking for my phone. He was about my size (He was scrawny) and I figured my phone is about my only valuable possession currently so I did what used to work on my dogs and yelled “NO” at him and did some sort of awkward authoritative karate chop. He stared at me for a few seconds, looked baffled then just walked away. It was a weird moment. Anyway in other news I’ll try get the 2SER interview footage up when I can. I was with a friend when it was playing and it took us so long to get it streaming that we literally just caught me saying “Thank you” and then it ended. The “Thank you” sounded legit though. Thankful for that (See what I did there).


– Lonely Kids Club


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