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The Boyfriend Drop


So I was at a house party for Australia Day. I wasn’t really in the mingling mood so mostly stuck around people I already knew (I’m super exciting like that) but I ended up in a conversation with an old family friend and one of her friends, Jess or Bec or something with one syllable. Anyway my family friend walked off and I was left with One Syllable. I was just making general conversation then before I knew it she started talking on about her Boyfriend. I don’t mind that sort of thing (I’m used to boring conversations) but I hate when girls just automatically assume any guy talking to them is strictly interested in dating them and feel the need to purposely slip it in so quickly. It’s so presumptuous. I always want to reply back saying “Really? That’s so interesting because MY boyfriend is the same way!” just to see their response. Actually, I’ll do that next time. And it’ll be a much better blog post than this one. Sorry.


– Lonely Kids Club


Drawing by Angie:

Split Bills


So I was on the phone to my dad earlier tonight (who awkwardly reads the blog but luckily there hasn’t been anything sexual on here in months now because my love life is that dead) and he was saying that I should be more open to my religion. To be fair I really don’t take it very seriously. I think he has this thing where he’s maybe upset I’ve never dated a Jewish girl before (All the ones I grew up with were intolerable.) but doesn’t want to admit it. When he left for New York last month his final message to me before leaving was “Maybe also start thinking of dating Jewish girls” followed by some weird gibberish symbols which older people tend to use in an attempt at texting. I guess at the time I was a little surprised it wasn’t something more along the lines of “I’ll see you when I get back” or something. I can’t imagine what going on a date to dinner with someone who is actually Jewish would be like. I wonder if we would split the bill or not. Also I don’t know what we’d talk about outside of what a commerce degree at UNSW is like. Shit. I’m definitely not ready for this.


– Lonely Kids Club


Picture by Angie:



So someone tried to mug me the other day. I was in Surry Hills and was lost trying to find my way somewhere (trust) so I took out my iPhone and used Google Maps (I probably would have gotten more lost with Apple Maps) and this guy asked me if he could use my phone quickly. To be frank he was wearing Nautica and looked fucking dodgy so I said sorry and that I was in a rush and walked away. I could totally sense him following me though and he kept eerily saying “Oi give us your phone”. So he gets closer and closer and eventually shoves me quite hard asking for my phone. He was about my size (He was scrawny) and I figured my phone is about my only valuable possession currently so I did what used to work on my dogs and yelled “NO” at him and did some sort of awkward authoritative karate chop. He stared at me for a few seconds, looked baffled then just walked away. It was a weird moment. Anyway in other news I’ll try get the 2SER interview footage up when I can. I was with a friend when it was playing and it took us so long to get it streaming that we literally just caught me saying “Thank you” and then it ended. The “Thank you” sounded legit though. Thankful for that (See what I did there).


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Picture by Angie:

Early Days


So I got my hands on a folder my grandmother kept of some of my drawings and artwork from my childhood. I still have very strong recollections of sitting at the back of class drawing pictures of what my friends would look like when I was older and had some. Good times. Anyway initially I was going to call this post “NEW RANGE CONCEPT DRAWINGS” but I figured that’s a little sneaky. So without any further adeu here’s some of my favourites (captioned so it looks snazzier) from the folder:


Creepiest photo ever. At just 4 years old I was already disturbing.

I stand corrected. This is like one of the drawings the protagonist takes out of the hands of the mentally ill child who sees ghosts at the start of a horror movie.

My favourite thing about this aside from the fact that I couldn’t (and still can’t) ride a bike is that I drew my sister as a head with squiggly hair. Ha.

I still get freaked out at how I drew myself for the class face drawings. I’m legit 4 dots and a scribble. Also the girl in the drawing under mine looks like the smuggest kid ever. I kind of hope she has a drug problem now or something.

I remember getting detention for spending the whole day drawing, so I just kept drawing while in detention. Fucking 90’s logic.

This is probably better than anything I could do now.

Just threw this in there because I totally forgot about how much I loved Mighty Max. My new goal for Summer Sundays is to find a Mighty Max fabric.

Found this in the folder so thought I’d throw it in there so you can put the face to the drawings. Little known fact: This is the last visible photo of me without facial hair. It came in a week later.


– Lonely Kids Club