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So I’ve started taking up bespoke orders. I just find it a lot of fun. A lot of other labels don’t really bother with it because it takes up a lot of time and obviously you don’t get as much money as you would by mass producing one single product (that’s about the extent of my economics knowledge) but I genuinely enjoy it. I thought today I’d share the last three things I’ve had made up to test the waters with things. The first is a pair of shorts which is made up entirely of Simpsons characters. The fabric is from about 1996 so it has so many 90’s Simpsons episode references I lose count. It’s got a zip and loop holes for a belt but I’m sewing on a wooden button tomorrow. The next is a shirt I made for myself and the last one is a present for Nick. I haven’t shown it to him yet. So I guess I ruined the surprise. Again. My bad. But I’m doing a few bespoke orders currently so if I finish any of them up soon I’ll add them here as an update. Obviously if anyone else wants something just shoot me an email. Fun times.

P.S For a change of scenery I took all the photos in my bathroom. What of it.





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