Lonely Kids Club x THE BLACK MATH


So I thought it was time to showcase another Australian artist on the blog so I went with another Melbourne based artist (Maybe because I love Melbourne and have been finding any excuse possible to go there / talk about it) called THE BLACK MATH. The dude brings the dark vibes. I love his use of vintage photos and his scribbles to bring something really unique to the Australian art scene. I gave him total freedom to come up with his own version of Cecil and I’m really blown away by the end result. It encapsulates a lot of qualities I love about his other work. You can check out his work and more about him via his Facebook page by clicking anywhere here, here, or here. 

Anyway here is THE BLACK MATH’s take on Cecil:


Also while we’re on the topic of talented people I’d like to take a second to thank Peter Cagnacci, who did the photos for the Moons of Summer range. The photos are amazing and the dude is so nice to work with. You can check out his work further here. 
– Lonely Kids Club.


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