New Project // Summer Sundays


I’ve been talking a lot about different projects I’ve been working on for awhile now, so I’m so glad this one is finally coming to fruition. This Sunday night at 8PM, a new project will commence: Summer Sundays. It’s quite simple. Every Sunday night for the duration of summer at exactly 8PM (According to my 4 year old watch) I will post up a new limited edition pocket tee, which will be available only on the facebook page, and only for 24 hours (unless sold out prior). A lot of these tees will be from scraps of fabrics I’ve had shipped over from around the world. Some will only have enough fabric for as little at 6 pocket tees. I’ll post a photo up, and if you’d like to buy one simply comment the post saying “SOLD” and what size you would like. On the following Monday night at 8PM, sales close forever and the new blog post will (hopefully) be up. I’m all for mega limited edition goods. That’s why I’ll also begin posting one-of-a-kind handmade items on the facebook page at random times. It’s my way of giving back to those of you who consistently support the label and make it what it is. Also I’ve wanted to go more underground with the label for awhile now. I’ve been 24 long enough to know the corporate life isn’t for me. I’ll be making this announcement again later in the week for those who don’t read the blog. Just act surprised.


“An outfit isn’t complete without pockets.” – Cassie Waldron


– Lonely Kids Club

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Best T ever

Bought this for my best friend and she wears it all the time. She won't take it off.

Love it

The fabric was very soft and comfy the design is great I would definitely recommend getting all four designs for yourself

Great shirt!

Love the Four Rorts tee.


Such a beautiful tee! The design is too cute and the shirt is so so soft. Get so many compliments on it. Buy it. You'll be happier I promise.


My Rortswear shirt was great quality- perfect fit