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Lonely Kids Club x THE BLACK MATH


So I thought it was time to showcase another Australian artist on the blog so I went with another Melbourne based artist (Maybe because I love Melbourne and have been finding any excuse possible to go there / talk about it) called THE BLACK MATH. The dude brings the dark vibes. I love his use of vintage photos and his scribbles to bring something really unique to the Australian art scene. I gave him total freedom to come up with his own version of Cecil and I’m really blown away by the end result. It encapsulates a lot of qualities I love about his other work. You can check out his work and more about him via his Facebook page by clicking anywhere here, here, or here. 

Anyway here is THE BLACK MATH’s take on Cecil:


Also while we’re on the topic of talented people I’d like to take a second to thank Peter Cagnacci, who did the photos for the Moons of Summer range. The photos are amazing and the dude is so nice to work with. You can check out his work further here. 
– Lonely Kids Club.


Sharing a bathroom with Geoffrey


So I shared my bathroom with an oversized huntsman spider this week. I named him Geoffrey. We had this really weird dynamic because I have a fear of spiders and Geoffrey appeared to have a fear of humans. Every now and then I’d see him while brushing my teeth or something and I’d yell and jump back, so he would shake and jump back. We’d both then stare at each other for a few seconds then just go about our business again. Sometimes he would be a bit creepy though. He always seemed to conveniently situate himself on the top corner of the roof directly facing the shower while I was using it. Also he always seemed convinced that if he stayed still for more than 5 or 6 seconds I wouldn’t notice him as my attention span is so weak. Not that he’s that wrong. Anyway he pretty much doubled in size the past few days so I decided it was unfortunately time to end our friendship. I ran in, found him, sprayed him with bug spray and then started yelling and running when he commenced chasing me assumably angry about the whole “killing him” thing. Geoffrey was always a stickler like that. 20 minutes later a team of 3 of us finally put him to rest. But it had a happy ending when we dumped his dead body on the doormat of our neighbour’s house. They’re always complaining about something so may as well give them something to complain about. RIP Geoffrey.


– Lonely Kids Club


Picture by Angie:

New Project // Summer Sundays


I’ve been talking a lot about different projects I’ve been working on for awhile now, so I’m so glad this one is finally coming to fruition. This Sunday night at 8PM, a new project will commence: Summer Sundays. It’s quite simple. Every Sunday night for the duration of summer at exactly 8PM (According to my 4 year old watch) I will post up a new limited edition pocket tee, which will be available only on the facebook page, and only for 24 hours (unless sold out prior). A lot of these tees will be from scraps of fabrics I’ve had shipped over from around the world. Some will only have enough fabric for as little at 6 pocket tees. I’ll post a photo up, and if you’d like to buy one simply comment the post saying “SOLD” and what size you would like. On the following Monday night at 8PM, sales close forever and the new blog post will (hopefully) be up. I’m all for mega limited edition goods. That’s why I’ll also begin posting one-of-a-kind handmade items on the facebook page at random times. It’s my way of giving back to those of you who consistently support the label and make it what it is. Also I’ve wanted to go more underground with the label for awhile now. I’ve been 24 long enough to know the corporate life isn’t for me. I’ll be making this announcement again later in the week for those who don’t read the blog. Just act surprised.


“An outfit isn’t complete without pockets.” – Cassie Waldron


– Lonely Kids Club

Mid Twenties


Ah shit. I’m officially 24. I’m pretty sure that classifies as mid-20s. I think it’s time to go corporate. I’ll do all the things I was too weak to do in my earlier years (2 days ago) such as changing the name of the brand to something more sophisticated like Lonely Gentlemen’s Club (Which sounds way too much like an upmarket brothel for the record) and finally create my new boutique Corporal Jeans. Mind you I spent all day in bed watching Revenge so I don’t think I’m ready to be mature yet. So going back to being immature briefly, I think if I actually ran an upmarket brothel called Lonely Gentlemen’s club, I would call the “special massage” the ‘Disney experience’. Because much like a recent Disney movie, it both includes a happy ending, and mild sense of disappointment once it’s over. Okay. I’ll start acting more mature now. I’m going to do the things mature people do, such as getting their news source from a newspaper, rather than from the Nine MSN homepage after logging out of Hotmail. Or finishing projects I start (Spotted, anyone?). Lastly I’m going to begin going to Thomas Dux instead of Woolworths so I can tell people how much better I feel now that I eat organic, regardless of if it’s relevant to the conversation or not. It never is.


– Lonely Kids Club | Boutique Clothing Label


Picture (of me) by Angie: