Summer Mixtape


So I put together a 12 track summer mixtape with an amazing music blog called East To West. We each chose a bunch of tracks and then I put it all together with a sexy cover by The Black Math (Who I’ll be featuring in a full post soon).

It features a whole bunch of artists I like including Naps, Tuc* and Charles Murdoch. It also includes Galapagoose, Nakagin, TIGHT CURLS and Victoria Kim, who are all playing the Moons Of Summer launch party next Friday night. Hint.

You can download the full mixtape by clicking on the album cover:



Or if you want to ease into it you can stream the mixtape in full by clicking anywhere here. 

Just setting up the download and the album stream took my whole fucking afternoon. I’m so bad with technology as it turns out. Anyway sorry about all the links everywhere. You can be rest assured I wouldn’t do anything immature such as linking you to a site which is inappropriate.  Oh snap. Now you’re in two minds about clicking that link. Or this one. JK they’re all just cats.


 – Lonely Kids Club | Boutique Clothing Label

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