Adventures in Thornleigh


Once in my earlier years of high school I convinced my friend to sneak into a girl’s house with me (we made the arrangement over MSN so it was legit) that I had met one time previously to make out with her and her friend. Luckily my mother was strangely enthusiastic about driving my friend and I to this girl’s house late at night soon after. Trust. It sort of went according to plan. I made out with said girl but stumbled during because I was in year 9 and a dork. My friend, on the other hand, took it upon himself to tell one of this girl’s friends that her other friend who liked him wasn’t up to his standards. He then proceeded to make out with her seconds later. It didn’t work out too well. We ended up having to hide in a closet then sneak out the window because the girl’s dad (who turned out to be in the army) got home early. We then narrowly avoided a fight on the walk back when some guy accused us of following his girlfriend when we were trying to find the train station. We eventually made it onto the train. I don’t think those girls spoke to us ever again.


– Lonely Kids Club | Boutique Clothing Label


Picture by Angie:


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