Lonely Kids Club x Sam Cooper


So after the design competition ended one of the most striking things I learned about the Australian design community is that it is comprised of so many talented artists who just don’t get a chance to get the exposure they deserve. So I thought for a bit of fun every now and then I’d challenge an artist I like to draw Cecil in his or her own unique style and I’d write a brief profile about the artist.

The first artist I asked is one of my favorite designers around right now, Sam Cooper. His designs are all very quirky. He does a little cat hat thing which I fucking love. I asked him to write a few words about himself and he sent like 3 emails freaking out about if it was good enough, which I found incredibly endearing. Anyway, this is his slightly alarming interpretation of Cecil:



You can check out more of his work on his facebook page by clicking here. Or here. Your choice.


– Lonely Kids Club | Boutique Clothing Label

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