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Lonely Kids Club x Sam Cooper


So after the design competition ended one of the most striking things I learned about the Australian design community is that it is comprised of so many talented artists who just don’t get a chance to get the exposure they deserve. So I thought for a bit of fun every now and then I’d challenge an artist I like to draw Cecil in his or her own unique style and I’d write a brief profile about the artist.

The first artist I asked is one of my favorite designers around right now, Sam Cooper. His designs are all very quirky. He does a little cat hat thing which I fucking love. I asked him to write a few words about himself and he sent like 3 emails freaking out about if it was good enough, which I found incredibly endearing. Anyway, this is his slightly alarming interpretation of Cecil:



You can check out more of his work on his facebook page by clicking here. Or here. Your choice.


– Lonely Kids Club | Boutique Clothing Label

Spotted (But actually)


So today I got to my train station and while burning my tongue on a coffee I noticed a girl enter the platform in a grey cecil jumper. I took out my phone then realized how awkward it would be to randomly take a photo of a girl in an empty train station without any sort of explanation. Also I have a beard. People always look more dodgy when they have a beard. It’s a fact. So I pretended I was just writing some sort of elaborate text and got on the train. I got off at Central and in the tunnel a guy walked by me in a feather tee. Cray. Heading back home I went through the tunnel again and ANOTHER dude walked by me in a lost T-shirt. He looked super trendy too. He was wearing a 5 panel hat. Three times in one day. Shiiit. And I didn’t get a photo of any of them. It’s tres awkward taking photos of people on the street though. Also you have to be super fast if they’re walking by you. So I’m not sure where that leaves Spotted. Maybe I’ll just post up all the selfies people post on the facebook page so you can all feel special. Anyway in more exciting news I’ll be announcing the new range + launch party next week. Get your buzz on. Fuck. This blog post was such a “cool story bro” moment.

– Lonely Kids Club | Boutique Clothing Label

Picture by Angie:



So those of you who read the blog (All 8 of you) may remember I was mentioning a new concept I wanted to introduce soon. I’m going to make a new page on the Lonely Kids Club website called Spotted. The idea came up because I keep getting sent photos from friends who see people on the street wearing Lonely Kids Club gear. The goal is to get photos of people you see wearing Lonely Kids Club gear and email them to me or post them on the Facebook page and I’ll put them up on the new Spotted page. That includes Lonely Kids Club stickers, Cecil jumpers, or even when Lonely Kids Club is posted in the media. I’m so lazy with posting up media attention. Which is weird because the three words I use to describe myself are “Desperately seeking attention.” So keep your camera phones on hand. If it picks up and enough people are doing it I’ll randomly post my favourite photos on the Facebook page and if the person in the photo claims it I’ll give them a free T-shirt. Who’s keen?

NOTE: Big props to all of you who came to the event last Friday. I totally recognised a whole bunch of you but felt like it might be awkward to go over and say hi. But I did really appreciate it.


– Lonely Kids Club | Boutique Clothing Label

Picture by Angie:

Fill The Blanks Design Showcase


Okay wow. I can’t believe how hard it was choosing the top 10 designs for the Fill The Blanks competition but days later I finally put the top 10 list together. It’s now with the judging panel to decide. On that note I figured I should probably tell everyone some details about the event happening this Friday night. It’s at The Oxford St Design Store (Located here) and starts at 7PM. It’s a free event and will feature an acoustic set from Little Napier, the top 10 artworks, my friend Jasmin painting the back wall of the boutique and the announcement of the winner of the competition. There will also be free Bilpin Cider (That sexy cider they sell at The Baxter Inn and Shady Pines Saloon.) a fancy mineral water and some energy drink I haven’t heard of. I’m not really making a big deal out of it with a facebook event or anything but you should head over if you’re around. I’ll be the awkward overly drunk one attempting to make a speech. Look out for it.


– Lonely Kids Club | Boutique Clothing Label

Picture by Angie: