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I’m going to releasing the new seasonal Rainbow Cecil Range this Thursday night. It’s my attempt at giving you guys exactly what you want. Unlike your ex lover. Or mine. Also I just sorted out the headliner for my next launch. I’m flying him into New South Wales just for the show. Shit just got real. Meanwhile, the “Fill The Blanks” competition is reaching its final weeks, so I’m busy organizing all the submissions and putting the top 10 show together which is happening September 7th at The Oxford St Design Store. Lastly, I recently did a public stunt with my lovely pals A Story Never Told. We got models wearing custom tees I made to march on to Pitt St Mall and draw on each other / let randoms draw on them. We only had to deal with 2 creepy guys. Overall good outcome. I’ll post some photos later in the week.


– Lonely Kids Club | Boutique Clothing Label

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