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So I decided I was long overdue for a new Facebook advertising campaign. For those of you unsure, Facebook ads are just those little boxes you see on the side of your timeline trying to sell you things or lure you onto a page. For my first one I found a picture of my friend Hugh (Without telling him. Sorry Hugh) and wrote as the ad “Online dating service for hipsters. 100% free. Check it out today!” and I got quite a few likes but it was a massive flop because they were all women in their 50’s who clearly had no idea what the subculture “hipster” is or I’m assuming what Facebook was in general. So I pitched it to everyone for the best new ad idea. I went with an idea by someone called  Mathew who suggested I post a picture of Alf Stewart and write something offensive. So I came up with this:


Unfortunately while it brought a lot of people onto the page, they were mostly angry bogans who didn’t “like” the page. I assume they were offended by the lack of naked women on the clothes and the correct grammar shown in all the status updates. Straya m8.


– Lonely Kids Club | Boutique T-shirt Label

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