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Rainbow Cecil Range Backstory


I’ve been spending every second day at a café I love in Chatswood run by a delightful Indian women who always makes an effort to ask how my day is going. I’ve been there with my notebook and pen trying to brainstorm some fun new ideas for the brand. I want to be constantly evolving and expanding like an obese boy who was introduced to radioactive material. Or maybe a radioactive cake. I don’t know. But anyway I have put a really cool new idea together I’m going to introduce to everyone soon. In the meantime I was running ideas past one of the label kidz that adds me on Facebook (You know who you are) and she thought it might be fun to explain the backstory to each range. While usually there are crazy epic backstories to each range, the Rainbow Cecil range was made because my dad’s name is Cecil and I jokingly wanted to insinuate he’s gay. This happened around the same time the people at The Oxford St Design Store were asking me if I could put a new range together for them to stock so it all kind of worked together. Also I if I released a second batch with four new colours it could be a double rainbow. And everyone knows how special they are.


– Lonely Kids Club | Boutique Clothing Label


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Brand News


I’m going to releasing the new seasonal Rainbow Cecil Range this Thursday night. It’s my attempt at giving you guys exactly what you want. Unlike your ex lover. Or mine. Also I just sorted out the headliner for my next launch. I’m flying him into New South Wales just for the show. Shit just got real. Meanwhile, the “Fill The Blanks” competition is reaching its final weeks, so I’m busy organizing all the submissions and putting the top 10 show together which is happening September 7th at The Oxford St Design Store. Lastly, I recently did a public stunt with my lovely pals A Story Never Told. We got models wearing custom tees I made to march on to Pitt St Mall and draw on each other / let randoms draw on them. We only had to deal with 2 creepy guys. Overall good outcome. I’ll post some photos later in the week.


– Lonely Kids Club | Boutique Clothing Label

Facebook Advertising


So I decided I was long overdue for a new Facebook advertising campaign. For those of you unsure, Facebook ads are just those little boxes you see on the side of your timeline trying to sell you things or lure you onto a page. For my first one I found a picture of my friend Hugh (Without telling him. Sorry Hugh) and wrote as the ad “Online dating service for hipsters. 100% free. Check it out today!” and I got quite a few likes but it was a massive flop because they were all women in their 50’s who clearly had no idea what the subculture “hipster” is or I’m assuming what Facebook was in general. So I pitched it to everyone for the best new ad idea. I went with an idea by someone called  Mathew who suggested I post a picture of Alf Stewart and write something offensive. So I came up with this:


Unfortunately while it brought a lot of people onto the page, they were mostly angry bogans who didn’t “like” the page. I assume they were offended by the lack of naked women on the clothes and the correct grammar shown in all the status updates. Straya m8.


– Lonely Kids Club | Boutique T-shirt Label

Making Uni Friends


I hate the concept of having to make uni friends. Going to the start of semester classes are always so awkward. You have to do those really bizarre introduction classes where you have to figure out how to pitch yourself to everyone else in two sentences or less. They say it’s to help everyone learn a little about you, but you know everyone else is going to pick the people they’ll deem worth talking to based on your introduction. The first guy who spoke sounded like a total dick. He went on about being in a band. He also went to Barker. It was embarrassing for all involved. The guy who I was doing my introduction with was also a fucking weirdo. He was a surfer from Bondi. I asked if he ever went on Brown Cardigan and he said no. So I asked if he liked the band Wavves. He also said no. The conversation instantly died at that point. (NOTE: If you already read that on my last Facebook status then my bad. Get some better Facebook friends). Anyway he went on to abruptly get up 5 minutes later and walk out of the class. So I ended up not even having an introduction. Now that douchebag from Barker is going to have more friends than I will. What a low point in my life.

NOTE: I don’t actually have anything against Barker, I just held it against them that they became a co-ed school after year 10. My school just spawned several gay students who waited until school finished to come out.

– Lonely Kids Club | Boutique Clothing Label

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