A (very) simple guide to hosting a good party


I really shouldn’t be writing about how to host a party. Firstly I’m not cool. Secondly I moved into my new place about 8 months ago and still haven’t thrown a house warming party yet. Regardles, I’ve always had the core belief any party can be saved by ensuring you have three crucial elements sorted.

First element: Alcohol. A good host makes sure it’s a good night. It isn’t hard to shell out on a couple cheap cases of beer, some cheap wine and possibly a punch (If you’re going to do one make it a big one though). Without the social lubrication you’re relying on your guests inebriating themselves and this potentially puts mingling on hold.

The second element: Lighting. If Hollywood movies have taught us anything, it’s that a good atmosphere makes for a good party. Always dim lights. If without dimmable lights, keep light scarce with as few lights on as possible, relying on candles and lanterns. Mood lighting is fundamental.

The third element: Music. The music should be good. Loud enough that people can enjoy it and quiet enough that people can talk, with the exception of dancing later on in the night. This, however, relies on the first two elements of alcohol and dark lighting to work anyway.

NOTE: This blog post is most likely the result of watching Project X the other day. Also for the record, “Costa” is the most annoying character in any movie ever.

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