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A (very) simple guide to hosting a good party


I really shouldn’t be writing about how to host a party. Firstly I’m not cool. Secondly I moved into my new place about 8 months ago and still haven’t thrown a house warming party yet. Regardles, I’ve always had the core belief any party can be saved by ensuring you have three crucial elements sorted.

First element: Alcohol. A good host makes sure it’s a good night. It isn’t hard to shell out on a couple cheap cases of beer, some cheap wine and possibly a punch (If you’re going to do one make it a big one though). Without the social lubrication you’re relying on your guests inebriating themselves and this potentially puts mingling on hold.

The second element: Lighting. If Hollywood movies have taught us anything, it’s that a good atmosphere makes for a good party. Always dim lights. If without dimmable lights, keep light scarce with as few lights on as possible, relying on candles and lanterns. Mood lighting is fundamental.

The third element: Music. The music should be good. Loud enough that people can enjoy it and quiet enough that people can talk, with the exception of dancing later on in the night. This, however, relies on the first two elements of alcohol and dark lighting to work anyway.

NOTE: This blog post is most likely the result of watching Project X the other day. Also for the record, “Costa” is the most annoying character in any movie ever.

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My Favourite Design Entries So Far


So the Fill The Blanks design competition has been going for exactly a week today. I thought I’d share with everyone my favourite three designs submitted so far (in no particular order) because that is much easier then actually writing something clever or witty (Not that I do that anyway). But I thought it might be rad to share these with you. Also I’ve decided “rad” is my new word. Turns out I couldn’t pull off “dope” so I’m settling on this. I don’t expand it to radical though because I don’t snowboard. There should be a snowboard lingo app for smart phones. The whole app can be just be one button. Every time you click the button it either says “radical” or “gnarly”. Anyway, my favourite 3 designs so far:


By Justin Wolfers



By David Court



By Sara Spence


I know a lot of you are working on designs currently and I can’t wait to see what everyone will come up with. Exciting times!


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Crazy Date


One of the stranger people my mother set me up with was this batshit crazy girl working at a jewellery store on Oxford St. I’m fairly confident I was around 19. In my defense she didn’t exactly “set us up” but rather told me to go into the store on a day this girl was working. I came in straight after an interview. Naturally, I was wearing black skinny jeans, faux leather shoes from ASOS, a tucked in white Lowes shirt and an awkwardly brown belt.  I’m not sure if this ensemble was the reason I found it so hard to get a job or because I consistently lied on my resume. Perhaps a combination of both. Anyway I asked her out all suave-like after tuning her for 20 minutes or so and we went on a date later that week in Chatswood. The date was going well. I read a newspaper on the train over to the date so was making all these informed observations. Notably I have not read a newspaper since. Nor made an informed observation. Anyway she started talking about her ex. I rolled with it. Then she started saying how he used to hypnotize her to have sex with him. I’m not even joking. Nothing kills conversation like the topic of hypnosis rape. Anyway I decided she was a nutjob so made an excuse to leave early while she was going into further detail about how he touched her and never called her back. This ended badly for me when she removed a prior “discount” she was offering my mother on a necklace as a result. Despite explaining the situation to her countless times, she still holds this against me.

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Townhouse Banter


I was telling my friend the other day about how I was dating this girl in high school because she lived in a townhouse in Paddington. I was living in East Killara at the time so it seemed like the most amazing thing ever. Paddington has all these cafes everywhere and trendy people. East Killara just has elderly Asian people walking in the middle of the road at all hours of the day regardless of the weather. Or cars. This spurred the question about how someone who had so little interest in relationship longevity ended up in so many and honestly if you don’t care about being in any sort of romantic situation it’s the most attractive feature to the opposite sex. People who are always obsessing about being single stay single. Speaking of attractive features to the opposite sex I just got a mouth guard online to use while sleeping so I don’t grind my teeth. Nothing says sexy like dental protection. It’s what all the cool kids are doing. And I know cool. Now if you’ll excuse I’m going to slip on some glasses I don’t need and pretend to read Penguin classics in Hyde Park.


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Ayers Rock


I remember climbing Ayers Rock when I was in primary school. I went on a trip around the Northern Territory with my father and sister. It was around the time Digimon were really cool. (Actually on second thought, Digimon were probably never cool.) For those of you who weren’t 90’s kids they were more or less Tamagotchi’s which could fight each other when linked together. Anyway I climbed the whole fucking rock then at the very top had my Digimon I had been training furiously the whole trip finally evolve. This moment of my Digimon evolving and the view of the sun setting from the top of the rock was amazing. This lasted approximately 40 seconds until my dad removed the Digimon from my hands and threw it away over the rock. In a sense this was what losing my virginity felt like (Aside from also lasting just under a minute): I finally achieved something I’d been trying to do for so long but at the same time it was then lost forever. Of course I found my Digimon again a few hours later on the way back down, but I’m still looking for my virginity. I plan on putting posters up soon.


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I wrote this blog post up on the spot so there’s no accompanying drawing. Instead, here’s a drawing Angie did for a blog post about Justin Bieber: