New Gym Routine


So I’ve developed a new gym routine: I try to talk about joining a gym at least twice a week. Sometimes three times on a good week if I don’t have a lot on. I’ve been doing really well with this. I try bring it up on Mondays and Wednesdays. I always get jealous when my more masculine friends tell me how they enter a bar and are like “Yeah.. I could take on any of the guys in this room.” When I enter a bar, it’s more like “Yeah.. I could probably take on some of the girls in this room.” I think in a confrontation situation I would be hands down the most useless person to have on board. In trivial situations, my friends will jokingly hit me and we’ll all have a laugh but hours later I’ll be compulsively rubbing it and checking if it’s bruised. In other news apparently I can’t pull off the word “dope” which is sad because I really want to. For example, I’d really like to advise you guys to check out this dope custom order I made on request last week:


If anyone else is keen for one let me know. I think they look pretty snazzy personally. Also my toes are awkwardly creeping into the bottom of the image, just in case no one noticed.


– Lonely Kids Club | Boutique T-shirt Label

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Thanks LKC and Michael West

Excellent quality print and shirt (like my other LKC shirt). Love repping my boy Michael West!


The absolute best cap to wear when you want everyone to leave u alone

chill spooky vibes

wear this shirt all the time like im a mf cartoon character love it. breathable yet thick and soft.

Seinfeld Thrasher Black Tee

Very happy

Good quality, no shrinkage in a hot wash, love it