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Life With a Moustache


So I decided to grow a moustache. I grow hair on my face faster than most so it only took a week to have a full one. The first change I made was adopting the new catch phrase “Keep it sleazy.” It isn’t really working out so far. Honestly, it’s hard having a moustache when you look strikingly like Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite. Also I look incredibly creepy. I feel as though if I sat down on a park bench opposite a playground parents would most likely secure their children immediately. I remember some story one of my Indian friends told me back in high school about how his cousin was staying with them and went for walks every day and had a beard. They lived opposite a primary school and one day the police were called because they were tipped off about his suspicious behavior. I don’t know if I’m quite at that level but I’m getting there. I sort of look like an Arab, so that’s a start. Soon I’ll begin complaining about how I’m typecast in the media. Watch out for it. I know this doesn’t really make much sense but I have a 3000 word essay due tomorrow for this bullshit media subject I’m doing and I’ve barely started. It’s like 3AM and I’m 120 words in. This isn’t going to end well.

NOTE: Got the assignment done (sort of) but got cocky with trying to trim the moustache in a cool way and accidently fucked it up so I had to shave it off. Bummer.

DOUBLE NOTE: Thanks so much to the Black Milk girls for the constant support to the label. I owe a lot to you all of you and am always blown away by the things you do for Lonely Kids Club.


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Drawing by Angie:

New Gym Routine


So I’ve developed a new gym routine: I try to talk about joining a gym at least twice a week. Sometimes three times on a good week if I don’t have a lot on. I’ve been doing really well with this. I try bring it up on Mondays and Wednesdays. I always get jealous when my more masculine friends tell me how they enter a bar and are like “Yeah.. I could take on any of the guys in this room.” When I enter a bar, it’s more like “Yeah.. I could probably take on some of the girls in this room.” I think in a confrontation situation I would be hands down the most useless person to have on board. In trivial situations, my friends will jokingly hit me and we’ll all have a laugh but hours later I’ll be compulsively rubbing it and checking if it’s bruised. In other news apparently I can’t pull off the word “dope” which is sad because I really want to. For example, I’d really like to advise you guys to check out this dope custom order I made on request last week:


If anyone else is keen for one let me know. I think they look pretty snazzy personally. Also my toes are awkwardly creeping into the bottom of the image, just in case no one noticed.


– Lonely Kids Club | Boutique T-shirt Label