Masturbation in Morocco


When I was travelling in Morocco we had already been travelling for about 3 weeks and it was just three guys so masturbation began becoming a problem. Initially my friend Nick solved the problem by asking us to take the laundry out regardless of if there was any. This lasted about a week until he gave up on the front and would just start watching porn on his laptop while we were still in the room. I don’t get much action anyway so I’m pretty good at not masturbating for extended periods of time (To my sister who reads this blog – Sorry about this entire post.). Anyway one night I was at dinner with both of the guys I was travelling with and something clicked and I just sort of got up and went back to our room without saying anything. I think they had a vague idea what was going on. I got to the room, found a sock to avoid mess and proceeded to do my thang. Anyway the next morning one of my friends noticed my sock on the floor that I had used the night earlier and put it on to wear for the day. I didn’t know what to do so told the other one and we just laughed about it the whole day. For the record, I told this story at his 21st.


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Picture by Angie (Not actually drawn for this blog post but it still feels appropriate):


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