Fired. Again.


I totally haven’t written about how I got fired from a job in awhile so I figure now might be a good time. One of my most awkward moments was when I was working for this super fancy menswear label. We had a computer at our desk and I was fucking bored so I opened up eBay and started looking at cheap N64 games (It had been more than 5 minutes. Trust). I was pretty buzzed because I had spent the last 3 hours watching a copy of Super Smash Brothers 64 going for $25. With 2 minutes to go I got ready to place a $30 bid. Suddenly my computer screen flickered, and the mouse icon slowly drifted to the top right hand corner of the screen without me controlling it and closed the window. Awks. I then got a call from the head office who were furious about me misusing my time on the job. It made matters worse that while being lectured over the phone I went back onto eBay to make the bid because I figured I don’t give a fuck about the job I just really wanted that game. Turns out she was still monitoring my screen and closed it AGAIN. What a cow. So I lost my job and the auction. I have a bad track record with going on computers at work. I got yelled at while at Price Attack for playing Solitaire once. Wouldn’t be the first time I got yelled at for playing with myself. Oh come on. That was witty. 


– Lonely Kids Club | Boutique T-shirt Label


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Best T ever

Bought this for my best friend and she wears it all the time. She won't take it off.

Love it

The fabric was very soft and comfy the design is great I would definitely recommend getting all four designs for yourself

Great shirt!

Love the Four Rorts tee.


Such a beautiful tee! The design is too cute and the shirt is so so soft. Get so many compliments on it. Buy it. You'll be happier I promise.


My Rortswear shirt was great quality- perfect fit