Fired. Again.


I totally haven’t written about how I got fired from a job in awhile so I figure now might be a good time. One of my most awkward moments was when I was working for this super fancy menswear label. We had a computer at our desk and I was fucking bored so I opened up eBay and started looking at cheap N64 games (It had been more than 5 minutes. Trust). I was pretty buzzed because I had spent the last 3 hours watching a copy of Super Smash Brothers 64 going for $25. With 2 minutes to go I got ready to place a $30 bid. Suddenly my computer screen flickered, and the mouse icon slowly drifted to the top right hand corner of the screen without me controlling it and closed the window. Awks. I then got a call from the head office who were furious about me misusing my time on the job. It made matters worse that while being lectured over the phone I went back onto eBay to make the bid because I figured I don’t give a fuck about the job I just really wanted that game. Turns out she was still monitoring my screen and closed it AGAIN. What a cow. So I lost my job and the auction. I have a bad track record with going on computers at work. I got yelled at while at Price Attack for playing Solitaire once. Wouldn’t be the first time I got yelled at for playing with myself. Oh come on. That was witty. 


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