Girls In Class


You know what’s irritating? If you’re in a class doing a group assignment, or just in a lecture, girls will go out of their way to let you know they have a boyfriend. They’ll start every sentence with “My boyfriend,” or relate everything back to their boyfriend. It’s just something guys don’t want to hear about. For girls reading this, it’s the equivalent of a guy starting every sentence by saying “My erection.” No one gives a fuck, and he/it probably can’t keep it together all that long anyway. But as soon as you’re out at a bar hitting on one of them, they will never mention it, like it’s some dark secret they will hold to their grave. It’ll only be after you’ve wasted an hour pretending you give a shit about whatever it is they’re saying that they’ll drop it into the conversation. Like, “Oh, that’s so cool you like Salsa Dancing! My boyfriend and I go all the time!” I went with salsa dancing there because that’s the worst topic of conversation I could think of. If I wanted to watch 40 year old men hit on 18 year old ethnic girls while dancing I’d go to The Ivy. Jokes. I would never go to The Ivy.


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