Last Friday


Holy fuck that day was ridiculous. I woke up feeling sick, threw up, rushed over to an AV Hire place to sort out sound gear for the night, then went to a hardware store to sort out screws for the mannequins. I came home, threw up again and headed off to an interview. Made it through to the second round. I’m living the bullemic girl’s dream. Got back home, forced myself to pack up the stock with my sister, and we drove down to the venue to set up for the winter launch party. Highlights to deal with included the first act pulling out because the venue didn’t properly organise sound for the night, a fairy floss machine arriving (which was unpaid for) at 9PM and my pal Eddie not getting in because he was wearing shorts. I proceeded to lie about sorting it out with management but unfortunately the security called my bluff so he had to go home and change. I’m still fucking sick, for the record. All I’ve been doing the past three days is sneezing and bitching. Not that I don’t just do that anyway, but currently I’m doing it exclusively from my bed. Anyway I’ve said it a couple times now but thanks so much to everyone who came. I was blown away by the ridiculous turn out.


– Lonely Kids Club | Boutique T-shirt Label


Unfortunately the ever talented Angie is without a scanner currently but promises she’ll have the drawing scanned in a couple days.

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