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Fired. Again.


I totally haven’t written about how I got fired from a job in awhile so I figure now might be a good time. One of my most awkward moments was when I was working for this super fancy menswear label. We had a computer at our desk and I was fucking bored so I opened up eBay and started looking at cheap N64 games (It had been more than 5 minutes. Trust). I was pretty buzzed because I had spent the last 3 hours watching a copy of Super Smash Brothers 64 going for $25. With 2 minutes to go I got ready to place a $30 bid. Suddenly my computer screen flickered, and the mouse icon slowly drifted to the top right hand corner of the screen without me controlling it and closed the window. Awks. I then got a call from the head office who were furious about me misusing my time on the job. It made matters worse that while being lectured over the phone I went back onto eBay to make the bid because I figured I don’t give a fuck about the job I just really wanted that game. Turns out she was still monitoring my screen and closed it AGAIN. What a cow. So I lost my job and the auction. I have a bad track record with going on computers at work. I got yelled at while at Price Attack for playing Solitaire once. Wouldn’t be the first time I got yelled at for playing with myself. Oh come on. That was witty. 


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I’m not sure how many of you are aware of this, but whenever I ship out an item I always write a personal note and send it out with a drawing. Initially this just started because I draw crap when I’m bored and I figured why not but lately a lot of people have been tweeting photos of their items with the drawings which is really lovely. So I thought I’d share some of the photos people have tweeted of their received items and drawings as well as some of my favourite drawings I haven’t sent out yet.

NOTE: I took the photos of my drawings on my desk hence why it’s surrounded by trash and drugs.


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Girls In Class


You know what’s irritating? If you’re in a class doing a group assignment, or just in a lecture, girls will go out of their way to let you know they have a boyfriend. They’ll start every sentence with “My boyfriend,” or relate everything back to their boyfriend. It’s just something guys don’t want to hear about. For girls reading this, it’s the equivalent of a guy starting every sentence by saying “My erection.” No one gives a fuck, and he/it probably can’t keep it together all that long anyway. But as soon as you’re out at a bar hitting on one of them, they will never mention it, like it’s some dark secret they will hold to their grave. It’ll only be after you’ve wasted an hour pretending you give a shit about whatever it is they’re saying that they’ll drop it into the conversation. Like, “Oh, that’s so cool you like Salsa Dancing! My boyfriend and I go all the time!” I went with salsa dancing there because that’s the worst topic of conversation I could think of. If I wanted to watch 40 year old men hit on 18 year old ethnic girls while dancing I’d go to The Ivy. Jokes. I would never go to The Ivy.


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One More Interview


I know I keep talking about interviews but fuck I suck at them. I did a final interview today for a social media job in music. I would be so good at that. And man I was so underwhelming during the interview I was like Lana Del Rey during a live performance. I just answered every question as quickly as possible to get it over with (I do interviews like I do sex – fast with a low rate of return. I’m sure I used that term wrong but I failed economics in year 10). Plus oh man I just skipped over so many things I would have loved to talk about. Anyway I’m very good at picking up on the vibes and I instantly knew at the end I was unsuccessful but for some reason the interviewer felt compelled to escort me to the elevator which happened to be really slow. So we just stood there for what felt like hours in almost silence waiting for the lift. It was so fucking akward. I noticed she was wearing a broach on her jacket and thought that could be a topic of conversation but then realised she must have thought I was just looking at her breasts instead and freaked out so blurted out “bye!” and legged it for the stairs as the lift doors finally opened. Fuck. I’m never getting a job.


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Last Friday


Holy fuck that day was ridiculous. I woke up feeling sick, threw up, rushed over to an AV Hire place to sort out sound gear for the night, then went to a hardware store to sort out screws for the mannequins. I came home, threw up again and headed off to an interview. Made it through to the second round. I’m living the bullemic girl’s dream. Got back home, forced myself to pack up the stock with my sister, and we drove down to the venue to set up for the winter launch party. Highlights to deal with included the first act pulling out because the venue didn’t properly organise sound for the night, a fairy floss machine arriving (which was unpaid for) at 9PM and my pal Eddie not getting in because he was wearing shorts. I proceeded to lie about sorting it out with management but unfortunately the security called my bluff so he had to go home and change. I’m still fucking sick, for the record. All I’ve been doing the past three days is sneezing and bitching. Not that I don’t just do that anyway, but currently I’m doing it exclusively from my bed. Anyway I’ve said it a couple times now but thanks so much to everyone who came. I was blown away by the ridiculous turn out.


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Unfortunately the ever talented Angie is without a scanner currently but promises she’ll have the drawing scanned in a couple days.