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So I started uni again last week. I had my first group assignment with other people studying public relations and holy shit they are the bitchiest bunch of little shits I have ever come across. We had to do some bullshit debate exercise in a group of 6 (though we had a group of 5 because my dim witted tutor can’t count) thus it was me and a guy called David vs 3 girls AKA teen girl squad. I introduced myself and the middle girl immediately turned away. Fucking what. This bitch isn’t even good looking. Her nose is like up there with mine. Also she has acne. On her face. The girl needs to lose the attitude, get some Clearasil and look in a fucking mirror. Anyway we debated on the importance of phones. Their argument was it is necessary for the GPS function. I made a rebuttal by saying “Street directory”. Of course teen girl squad then ignored me to discuss how they all needed to leave to get on a train. So the tutor comes up and asks if we’re ready to go. Teen girl squad eagerly say yes and begin to pack up so I inform the tutor myself and David are yet to make our argument and we need another 10 minutes. Ha. In other news making uni friends isn’t going very well this semester.

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