Jason Biggs

Ah I’m so bummed out. I had this great post written up about Jason Biggs. I finished it by showing some of his shitty tweets are wrote “someone should probably tell him he isn’t so bigg anymore” but then my laptop crashed and I lost it all. Heartbroken. I used to look so much like the dude though. I’m pretty confident I would play it up as much as possible at parties. I would deliberately bring up that I looked like jason Biggs, then say how “annoying” it was, and act really flattered when the girl I was chatting up thought it was a good thing. I think the best it did for me was at the year 10 formal when I got the number of a pretty girl at the after party. I went on to spend the night with a different girl, however, thus she never returned my texts. I don’t think the Jason Biggs comparisons did much for me after that. But then again I don’t think Jason Biggs did much after that either.

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