Bogan Girl (Repost)

So I started seeing a girl just under a year ago now because I felt like I needed validation. I think I was just going through one of those phases. Things started off really well, she was really chilled out and supportive of what I was doing and super creative. Twas cool. Before I knew it we were hanging out all the time doing things like walk through the markets at the rocks. During such an outing, she began telling stories about her classmates. She was saying how one of them was “taking the piss.”. It was at that point I started questioning the situation. I then started noticing all the things she was saying, like abbreviating architects to “archies” or her weird bogan euphemisms for narcotics, like “punching a cone”. That was a deal breaker right there. Also her room was full of artworks of people intensely staring. Like everywhere across the walls. It was fucking creepy. I couldn’t imagine sleeping there after punching a few cones. I’m just taking the piss, I don’t do drugz, bro.

– Lonely Kids Club  | Boutique T-shirt Label

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